Get A Better WiFi Range With Nighthawk AC2200 X4S Mesh Extender

Extending of the existing WiFi range has now become easy with Nighthawk AC2200 X4 AC2200 Mesh Extender.

Nighthawk X4 AC2200 extender boosts up the existing internet coverage and works with your home networking router easily to create a powerful and secure WiFi System.

In addition, it also includes smart roaming, mesh features, and a single WiFi name. It gets easily connect to all your home networking devices (wired and wireless) to one network. No new WiFi names (SSID) and passwords (security keys) are needed.

Once the process of Netgear extender setup has successfully be done, you can freely hang around your home streaming online videos and movies on your mobile, computer or laptop without any interruptions.

What’s More

Get the fast and furious whole-home internet connectivity for your smart devices like iPhones, iPads, computer, laptop, Apple devices and more. So, if you wanna boost up the existing range of your WiFi network to every nook and cranny corner of your house then go for new extender setup process of Nighthawk X4 AC2200.

  • Connect your existing WiFi router or gateway to the Nighthawk extender and create a whole-home mesh WiFi for all your networking devices.
  • Moreover, it extends the WiFi coverage with one SSID (WiFi name) and password. But that should be long, strong, and unique.

Note: Please do not make of dictionary words in personalizing the login credentials. Digit, numbers, and alphabets can be used.

  • Smart WiFi mesh extender delivers dual-band WiFi around 2.2Gbps.
  • For better WiFi range, it fetches the 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi signals from your existing WiFi router.
  • MU-MIMO technology for streaming to multiple wired and wireless devices simultaneous.
  • Easy setup in a short piece of time with just push of a button.

NOTE: In order to unlock Mesh WiFi features a factory reset process and Netgear extender firmware is required
Dial a toll-free number 1-888-674-6890 – ask us for Netgear extender support and get a relevant answer to your queries.
Extender Setup

Performance | Range | Extend | Extreme

  • Covers all the poor connectivity areas.
  • Freely move around from courtyard to backyard – from balcony to terrace without any fear of disconnecting.
  • Quad-core processor for a better lag-free gaming and 4K streaming.
  • Internal antenna and high-power amplifiers increases range 10x faster.
  • Beamforming+ technologies improve wireless range, performance, and reliability.
  • Using a wired Ethernet connection, the access point mode creates a secure WiFi hotspot. With excellent internet speed.

Stream | Best Internet Connectivity

  • The FastLane technology improves the performance of Nighthawk X4 AC2200 range extender using both WiFi bands.
  • The Gigabit port on Nighthawk range extender is used to connect to wired devices like smart TVs, desktop, and game consoles to a secure WiFi.
  • Configuration using Netgear Genie setup. It is the most useful application that helps in monitoring and repairing your home networking system.

Stream Online Videos, Movies, and Live TV shows on your Mobile Device

  • It’s custom low-noise amplifier raises the incoming transmission quality from mobile devices (any).
  • Access scheduling for guest access and parental controls
  • Optimize your existing WiFi network with the help of WiFi Analytics application (for Android).

Process of Installation

  • Update your WiFi router with the current and latest firmware version of technology.
  • Place it closer to Nighthawk X4 AC2200 extender.
  • Connect them.
  • Open up a computer or laptop and launch a web browser.
  • Into the address bar of your device, type

Note: If the IP address doesn’t work, then go with mywifiext or

Once you have redirected to login, follow the instructions – click on positive options and setup your Nighthawk device.

For login details, have a look onto your Netgear WiFi range extender manual once.

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